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    Motion analysis of the skill inverted giant swing (adler) on high bar

    Qasim Mohammed Sayah1, Mustafa Abed Mohiy Al-Shibeeb1, Zdzisław Kołaczkowski2
    1Basra University, Iraq,
    2Gorzow University AJP, Poland

    Motion analysis of the skill inverted giant swing (Adler) on high bar


    Keywords: motion analysis, gymnasts, high bar



    Aims of the research are finding biomechanical differences between the two techniques and deducing requirements for gymnasts. 2D-video analysis from high bar routines of the gulf Championships 2016 was used one male gymnast from Qatar national team and one male gymnast from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia national team. There are more gymnasts performing the high technique. We find differences in movement time and maximum angular velocities for hip and shoulder angles. These differences should be considered by coaches and gymnasts. None of the analyzed performances were ideal. The performance of Subject one was, overall, the most skillful. It was characterized by a „braking” action in the beginning of the descending phase to facilitate the (quick and tight) hip joint flexion and a relatively large shoulder joint angle at the highest point of the upswing. Additional analysis, including more skilled performances, is needed in order to identify the variables that contribute most to successful execution of the skill.


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